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1. Demand a travel saving

This can be achieved not by reducing your actual travel but by finding more cost effective ways to do it. At Corporate Traveller we demonstrate an average savings of between 5% and 25% on our customers' business travel annually. Isn't it about time you got the same?

2. Consolidate your suppliers

Partner with a travel management company who can assist you to successfully analyse your travel spend and negotiate preferential rates.

3. Industry specialisation

Choose a travel manager with knowledge of your industry and your business will benefit from travel expertise that caters for the specifications, unique challenges and demands of your industry.

4. Draw up a travel policy

This policy will outline how your people travel, where they stay, what cabin class they travel etc. A good travel policy will go a long way to curbing unnecessary or frivolous travel expenditure.

5. Access to the best deals every day

Partner with an expert travel manager and you can expect access to globally competitive prices sourced from multi-product platforms for air, hotel and car hire.

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