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Latest Travel Apps

Once you have a smart phone business travel will never be the same again. These powerful little gadgets not only make phone calls but have the capacity to be your personal assistant while you’re on the move.

Gone are the days of heavy novels cluttering up your packing space, dog-eared magazines and bulky cameras. All of these things, plus your favourite music, can be now be stored on your smartphone and utilised through the power of ‘apps’.  Whether your poison is an iPhone, Blackberry or any other smart phone there is an app for just about anything.

Corporate Traveller rounds up some of the top apps making a name for themselves in 2012.


Blackberry Travel -
Not only is the BlackBerry Travel app free, it easily syncs with many functions of the phone such as location, contacts and calendar to keep the you updated with latest information. And if you add your LinkedIn accounts you can stay updated with your connections' information about location and travel trips.

Apart from maintaining itineraries, this app also fetches flight information data for reminders and syncs with the calendar to alert about flight schedules. You can always mail your travel itinerary to friends or colleagues so that they can catch up with you as well.

TeleNav GPS -
Once you’re at your destination you can use this stand alone GPS navigation unit for directions and as a point to point driving aid. This GPS can be use in voice mode and it will show lots of points of interest in the area you’re in. With network-based maps you will have the most up to date local information possible.

A very powerful search engine that will help you locate nearby restaurants, retailers, bars and more. Besides giving detailed information on the establishment it will also give you a map. The movie app will help you watch movies while travelling


Packing -!/id294710480?mt=8
Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure one of the toughest things to master is packing. Trying to coordinate exactly what to pack is draining. And you just have to do it all over again the next time. With the iPhone packing app you can create packing lists and check off the items as they go into the suitcase. You can save your lists for future travels and use it to make sure you have everything in your case when it is time to go home.

 XE Currency -
 This handy app uses your phone’s internet connection to get the most up to date exchange rates around the world. This is very handy to calculate how much you can expect to get and not be taken advantage of.

Flight Tracker -  
Check the status of your flight before you leave for the airport with Flight Tracker. Real time information on cancellations, departures, delays and gate assignments can be viewed on this app

 Google Translate -
With over 50 languages on the Google Translate app you can translate text by speaking into the phone or have it displayed on screen.


Where -
Known as the Swiss army knife of GPS apps, Where uses your location to give you a real-time perspective on weather forecasts, restaurant recommendations, news headlines and more. It will even find you the nearest Starbucks.

Star Translate -
Just like the iPhone app, Star Translate is both a translator and dictionary based on Google Translate. The programme will also read out the text for you and keeps a history of your translation requests for you.

With apps for GPS navigation, currency conversions, language translators, CPR instructions and flight tracking capabilities, the smart phone and its growing collection of apps is currently one of the hottest developments in travel technology. But while there are thousands of different apps in the marketplace, some of which are free, one point to keep in mind is the overall cost of downloading too many, particularly if they’re not useful.

Please note however that some of these apps may have capabilities for selected countries only and downloading costs may apply.