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Corporate Traveller Gift Cards now available

Looking for the perfect gift for your staff or suppliers this Festive Season? Want to get your team really amped up to reach their incentive targets in 2013? Well Corporate Traveller has the answer.

It’s small, pink and packs a punch – it’s the Corporate Traveller Gift Card!

A Corporate Traveller Gift Card can be purchased directly from your travel manager. These credit card style gifts can be loaded with the cash equivalent (the minimum is R100 and the maximum is R25 000) and be used as partial or full payment towards flights, accommodation, tours, car hire and travel insurance. The card remains valid for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

So instead of the Disney character tie allow your team to experience Walt’s dream in person. Or a beach in Thailand, or a ski trip in the Alps, or discovering the Inca trail in South America. The sky's the limit!

Speak to your travel manager today for more information.